Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC)

What is an Emergency Volunteer Center?

An Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) would be activated by the Town of Los Gatos in the event of a disaster to increase the capacity to coordinate spontaneous volunteers during disaster response and recovery activities. An EVC serves as a location where volunteers can be assessed for skills and assigned to specific tasks. An EVC may function in any of the following ways:
  • Walk-in Center
  • Call Center
  • Online System
  • Combination of all three
What is a Spontaneous Volunteer?

A community member who comes forward following a disaster to assist governmental and/or non-governmental organizations with disaster-related activities without pay or other consideration. Spontaneous volunteers are not initially affiliated with a response or relief agency.

The Emergency Volunteer Center Program

Disaster response in Santa Clara County needs more than official responders. An organized system for volunteers plays a key role in helping affected communities respond to and recover from all types of disasters.

The 15 cities/Towns of Santa Clara County have partnered with the County Office of Emergency Services and the County Employee Services/Human Resources to develop a plan to manage spontaneous volunteers during a disaster.

The Town of Los Gatos Emergency Volunteer Center, in the event of a disaster, would provide a centralized resource for coordinating volunteers with unmet volunteer needs.

In The Event of a Disaster

The Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department will provide updated information on the EVC site location, hours of operation, and necessary forms to become a spontaneous volunteer.