PIN Info

Your 'PIN'

 Your 'PIN' is your Personal Identification Number. All Library accounts in our system have PINs. If you're unaware of your PIN, it may have been assigned automatically by our software. In this case, the software assigned a PIN using the last 4 digits of the phone number that is in our records. If you try entering a PIN and it doesn't work (you get a “Sorry….” error message), please call or stop by so we can help address the issue. 

"Sorry" Error Message

If you cannot log in and get the reply... "Sorry, the information you submitted was invalid. Please try again." then there is something about your library account causing the problem . Either you have entered the number incorrectly, you have not entered the correct PIN , or for some reason your record is inactive (your card may have expired; you may need to update your address or other information) . If re-typing your library card number with extra care does not solve the problem, call the library. If in the library, go to the check-out desk and ask the staff to check your account.

If the problem is a PIN problem and you can't remember your actual PIN, please email, text or call us to change your PIN. If you want to order a book (or other material) online and there is a PIN problem preventing this, a Librarian can order the item for you over the phone or by texting us during business hours.