Safe Routes to School

Student Travel Survey 2018 

The Town of Los Gatos, in partnership with the Los Gatos – Monte Sereno Safe Routes to School (SR2S), conducted an online Student Travel Survey from October 24 to November 26. The purpose of the survey was to solicit parent and student input on which improvements would most benefit school students who walk and bike to school.

Thanks to the support from the schools and participation by parents, a total of 1,130 complete responses were received. The information collected will be very valuable in assessing demand, guiding funding decisions for infrastructure improvements, and supporting grant applications.

The draft report is available here.

General Pedestrian Safety
The town's Traffic Engineer researches crosswalk needs and determines crosswalk improvements. Several existing crosswalks have been improved recently with the installation of pedestrian islands, high visibility crosswalk markings, brighter signs and electronic speed feedback signs. With limited budget resources, improvements are implemented on a priority basis. Given that these improvements cannot be installed at every intersection, pedestrians have a large role to play in their own safety.
While all intersections are legal crosswalk points (unless explicitly prohibited), pedestrians should not assume that drivers will see them or stop for them. Make sure drivers stop for you before you begin to cross. Remember, you must give drivers enough time to stop safely. Wait for the intersection to clear and watch for bicycles as well as vehicles. Also, be sure to wear light-colored or reflective clothing when walking at night so drivers can see you. If you have any concerns or comments about a crosswalk, please contact the town's Traffic Engineer at 408-399-5771 or email.

Traffic Around Schools Study

The Town, in partnership with the Los Gatos Union School District, the Los Gatos- Saratoga Joint Union High School District, and Hillbrook School have conducted a study of traffic around local schools, encompassing all modes of transportation.  The project included coordination with each of the project partners and significant public outreach through on site visits and dedicated public meetings.  The project began in early 2016 with a final report published through the link below.  This study will help identify capital projects that can be prioritized in future Town Capital Improvement Programs.

Safe Routes to School Phase I Final Report

School Routes

In an cooperative effort, town and school district staff developed school route plans for each of the elementary and middle schools in the Los Gatos Union School District. The school route maps are based on an on-going effort to improve walking and bicycling routes to the schools. Staff has since implemented several school route improvement projects: a school route sidewalk project constructed in 2004 with State Safe Routes to Schools grant funds, and the Blossom Hill Road Sidewalk project constructed in 2003 with State Pedestrian Safety grant funds. In coordination with schools' input, town staff submit grant applications annually for various school route improvements.

School Route Maps