Park Permits & Fees

Park permits and fees are charged to recover a portion of the staff costs associated with providing ongoing maintenance services.  Click here to access the Town's Fee Schedule for park permits.  Park fees begin on page 29 of the document.  Park reservations can now be made online.

Special Use Permit Details

Special Use Permits are required for groups of 25 or more people planned for any of the Town’s parks, to use “Jump Houses” for children’s parties, and for organized recreational activities, such as formal classes. These types of use have a higher impact on our parks.

Fee Details

Fees are maintained to provide for cost recovery based on the Town’s cost to provide these services. Residents of Los Gatos are given a discount for park use permits and fees.

Fees are charged for:

  • Use of the group BBQ areas at Oak Meadow Park
  • Vehicle escorts into any of the parks beyond gated areas designated as “park use only” (escorted by Parks staff to drop off and pick-up party or BBQ supplies and equipment), 
  • For use of Bocce Ball Courts
  • For parking at Oak Meadow Park (charged to non-residents of Los Gatos).


  • There is no parking charge for senior citizens (62+; ID needed) & people with physical disabilities.
  • Residents are people living in 95030 & 95032 zip codes (incorporated addresses only)
  • Non-Residents are people living in Unincorporated County Pockets of 95030, 95032, & 95033 (Mountain Residents)

Park reservations can now be made online.  Click here to access the online reservation system.