Volunteer Opportunities - Parks & Public Works
There are several types of volunteer activities available with the Parks and Public Works Department. You can volunteer to conduct a one-time event or an ongoing effort.

  • We accommodate all volunteers’ interests, such as trail clean up or planting bulbs along park trails during the fall.
  • We will match a project to your interest and abilities.
  • Current volunteer projects include one-time park and trail clean-up activities. The longer-term projects include adopt-a-trail and adopt-a-planter projects.
  • The town also combines volunteer activities with local service clubs and neighboring cities to maximize our efforts.
Current examples of volunteer effort include Adopt-A-Trail and Adopt-A-Planter, with volunteers who agree to maintain a trail or downtown flower planter for a year.

For a full list of volunteer opportunities and information on how to get involved, visit the Town's Community Unity website.