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The information for projects includes a brief description, project planner, date filed, and status. Some projects include images/plans and other related documents for information only. This page is under development with the goal to have images/plans for all projects. Click on the first letter of the street name to locate the project.
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16666 Topping Way

Application Number
Architecture and Site Application S-17-011

Application Summary
Requesting approval to demolish an existing single-family residence and construct a new single-family residence on property zoned R-1:8. APN 532-09-018.

Date Filed

Project Status
Continued to Planning Commission - 02/14/2017

Project Planner
Sean Mullin


Twin Oaks Drive/Surrey Farm Estates

Application Numbers
Planned Development PD-10-006
Negative Declaration ND-11-002
General Plan Amendment GP-12-001

Application Summary
Requesting approval of a General Plan Amendment from Agriculture to Hillside Residential and to rezone the property from RC to HR:1:PD for a ten-lot single-family subdivision. The project could have a significant impact on the environment and an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared. APN 532-16-006.

Date Filed

Project Status
Pending public comment for re-circulation of BRA sections of draft EIR ended 
Project Planners
Jennifer Armer