Almond Grove Phase II

Design Update on Almond Grove Phase II - Remaining 8 streets

Following the Town Council’s approval of the Wilsey-Ham contract on April 19th for the design of the remaining eight concrete Almond Grove streets, which include Tait, Bayview, Glen Ridge, Almendra, Wilder, Bean, Massol, and Nicholson, the design work is now underway.
To stay informed of the latest updates regarding the project, visit the Town’s website at and subscribe to the “Notify Me” service on the left hand side of the project page.  Any questions regarding the project design can be referred to the Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773 or

Update posted 10/21/16 - Residents in the Almond Grove Phase II project limits will be receiving a letter and door hanger notification regarding necessary tree removals for the Almond Grove Phase II project.  Staff has scheduled three meetings to specifically discuss tree removals with affected residents.  At these meetings, the arborist from the project consultant, Wilsey-Ham, will provide a presentation regarding the tree removals and be available to answer questions about the removals.  

Due to a variety of factors, including tree health, conflict with proposed improvements, inadequate space for growth, and undesirable species, 80 to 90 trees have been identified by the Wilsey-Ham arborist for removal and replacement on the remaining eight Almond Grove streets.  Many of the trees are small or diseased.  A number of them also relate to the very narrow park strips in the area, which in some cases are less than 18 inches.  The Town Arborist has verified the need for these removals and determined the removals meet the requirements of the Town’s tree removal ordinance, as prescribed by Council in the project approval.  Trees to be removed have been marked with orange colored tape.

Specific to the three extra meetings, both Tait and Almendra, with a larger number of trees identified for removal than the other Almond Grove streets, will have individual separate meetings.  A third meeting to discuss the removal of trees affecting residents on the remaining streets has also been scheduled.  At the meetings, residents will be able to discuss their individual situations with the project team.  Meetings will take place at the Police Operations Building as follows:
  • Tait Avenue – November 2nd  6pm – 8pm 
  • Almendra Avenue – November 8th  6pm – 8pm
  • All Other Streets – November 10th  6pm – 8pm
Residents with questions regarding the meetings should contact the Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773 or  
Update posted 9/2/16 - Wilsey Ham has completed the design through the 35 percent design phase.  This includes surveying, soil investigation, utility locations, and preliminary design and design layouts.  As part of this phase, Wilsey Ham has provided a Basis of Design report that will be used to determine details of the next more in-depth design phase of the project by defining the scope, approach, and proposed design criteria.  The report and appendices are included below. 
On September 6, 2016, staff will recommend Council approve the Basis of Design report.  In addition, staff will request direction from Council on the following two items:
Asphalt Areas within Phase II Project Limits
Council previously approved full length concrete reconstruction of eight Almond Grove streets in the Phase II project, including Bayview, Bean, and Nicholson Avenues.  Small sections of roadway on Bayview, Bean, and Nicholson are currently asphalt.  These sections are as follows:
  • Bayview Avenue: from W. Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Bean Avenue: from Massol Avenue to the west end
  • Nicholson Avenue: from Massol Avenue to Glen Ridge Avenue
Staff is moving forward with Council direction to replace the entire street lengths with concrete, including the above referenced asphalt sections.  However, Council may decide not to include these sections with the Phase II project.
Project Bidding
Past discussions with Council have included alternative methods for bidding the Phase II project.  Under consideration are two alternatives.  The first alternative is to bid all eight streets at the same time and the second alternative is to bid two streets per year.  There are pros and cons for each alternative.
Although the larger quantity from bidding all eight streets at one time has the potential of resulting in lower unit bid prices, staff believes that the higher bonding requirements and the uncertainty associated with future labor and material costs make bidding two streets at a time the best option. For these reasons, staff will recommend bidding the project two streets at a time.

Update posted 7/8/16 - Wilsey-Ham will start locating and marking utilities on the streets during the week of May 9, 2016.  The utility locator will mark the existing utility locations in paint on the street or hardscape as well as use small flags to locate utilities in the planter strip landscaping.  This work is anticipated to take just over a month.

 Additionally, the consultant’s surveyor will begin to develop topographic surveys of the streets around the same time the utility locating and marking begins. This will entail a two person crew using tripod mounted equipment to collect this survey data.  Cones and/or flaggers may be used as necessary for traffic control but traffic impact will be minimal.  This work is anticipated to be completed by the end of June.

 Finally, during this same time period, a geotechnical investigation will be underway.  The geotechnical team will collect core samples of the existing concrete pavements using drill rigs powered by generators, which may be noisy but the work is anticipated to take only a few days.

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