Fines and Fees

Statement of Policy 
Overdue Fines

All Material                                                      $    .50 / day / item
Adult/Teen Material                                            10.00 maximum fine
Juvenile Material                                                  5.00 maximum fine
Magazines / Casual paperbacks                          5.00 maximum fine 
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Lost / Damaged Beyond Repair

Adult / Teen book or AV item                           Cost of item plus $10.00 processing fee
Juvenile book or AV item                                 Cost of item plus $5.00 processing fee
Adult paperback.                                             Cost of item plus $5.00 processing fee
Magazine                                                         Cost of item plus $5.00 processing fee

Printing from online source:                                 .15/page
Photocopying                                                       .15/page

Need for the Policy
The library needs to establish and publish the fines and fees charged.


Reviewed and/or approved by:
Library Staff
June 28, 2010
Assistant Director
June28, 2010
Library Director
June 28, 2010
Library Board
Town Manager
June 28, 2010
Town Council
June 28, 2010


Author:float: left  Linda Dydo
Date Written: float: left July 1, 2005
Date Effective:float: left July 1, 2005
Date of Revisions:float: left August 30, 2007